Georgian Source-Studies XXV

We are inviting papers for the next issue of the journal “Georgian Source-Studies”.
The journal will be published by the end of 2023.
The research paper should be original contribution focused on history representation, source criticism and historiography. The discipline of source-studies is understood in broadest sense of this term, accordingly journal will accept papers in field of archeology and cultural anthropology too. There are no restrictions regarding the chronology or region: the papers might be devoted to the history of any country and people, to any period from ancient times until today.
Alongside with research papers the publications of sources, with relevant commentaries, translations of primary and secondary (from other languages to Georgian) sources, book reviews, information about the different events of academic life (presentations, conferences, workshops etc.), also materials reflecting debates, papers devoted to outstanding contributions of scholars as well as in memoriam of those who passed away, but their contribution to the history profession should be rememberred, are welcomed.
The language of the submitted manuscript should be Georgian with the summary in English, or English with summary in Georgian.
The length of the papers should not exceed 6000 words; the papers of informative character should not exceed 4000 words. The references must be given at the end of each contribution with a maximum of 40 titles. Notes should be as endnotes with maximum number 25 and placed before the references. The authors are responsible to obtain copyrights for the used illustrative materials.
For references and citation authors should use Chicago style: author-date system http:// www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.htmlhttp://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/
Authors should submit the papers with attached illustrations (if they are needed) to the following e-mail address: source-studies@tsu.ge;
The papers should be sent in Word as well as in PDF formats. The figures and photos should be inserted in PDF version of the paper. Illustrations should be sent separately too as JPG files accompanied with the figure legends. The legends should be sent in Word format.
With the paper, author should send filled-up application form see: https://www.sourcestudies.ge/
The papers submitted to the journal first go through an initial screening by the editorial team. On the basis of the recommendations and remarks of the scientific experts, as well as taking into account the explanations of the authors, the editorial board considers all the feedback from peer reviewers and makes an informed decision to accept or reject the Paper. Editorial board also held the right to make changes (style and design of the paper) within a paper with author’s agreement. 
After publication acceptance, authors are required to submit a document where they give permission editorial board to retain the copyright of the paper. This is a very important thing in order to involve the journal in different scientific databases.
Publication of the paper in the journal is free of charge. Authors will receive one copy without payment.
For any further information, authors can call Dr. Zurab Targamadze, co-editor of the Journal: +995 577 622134; email: zurab.targamadze@tsu.ge